Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3, August 2016 
A new iterative with memory class for solving nonlinear ‎equations‎

Pages 225-229

P. ‎Bassiri‎; P. Bakhtiari‎‎; S. Abbasbandy‎

Flexibility of Variations in Radial and Non-Radial Data Envelopment Analysis ‎Models

Pages 269-278

S. ‎Kordrostami; A. ‎Amirteimoori‎; M. Jahani Sayyad ‎Noveiri‎

Two-phase Boundary Layer Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer of a Dusty Liquid past a Stretching Sheet with Thermal ‎Radiation

Pages 279-292

K. L. Krupa ‎Lakshmi‎; B. J. ‎Gireesha‎; Rama S R Gorla; B. Mahanthesh‎