Mathematical modelling of Sisko fluid flow through a stenosed ‎artery

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, Urmia University of Technology, Urmia, ‎Iran.


In the present study, the nonlinear model of non-Newtonian blood flow in cosine-shape stenosed elastic artery is numerically examined. The model is carried out for axisymmetric, two-dimensional and fully developed blood flow. The vessel wall is assumed to be have time-dependent radius that is important factor for study of blood flow. The cosine-shape stenosis convert to rigid artery by using a appropriate coordinate transformation and closed form solutions are discovered. The Sisko non-Newtonian fluid model is used for discribing blood rheology. The Navier-stokes equations of momentom containing pulastic pressure gradient. The resulting explicit of the governing nonlinear equations have been obtained numerically with the help of the finite differece scheme and Matlab program. The key dynamic parametrs similar resistance impedance, velocity profiles and the volumetric flow rate are studied. The influence of non-Newtonian rheological properties of unsteady blood flow and stenosis severity are found and computer modeling and simulation shown ‎graphically.