Effect of slip and variable thermal boundary conditions on hydromagnetic mixed convection flow and heat transfer from a non-linearly stretching ‎surface

Document Type : Research Paper


1 King Khaled University, Faculty of Science, Mathematics Department, Abha 9004, Saudi ‎Arabia‎‎.

2 Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt P. O. Box 1179‎5‎‎‎.


The effect of partial slip and temperature dependent fluid properties on the MHD mixed convection flow from a heated, non-linearly stretching surface in the presence of radiation and non-uniform internal heat generation/absorption is investigated. The velocity of the stretching surface was assumed to vary according to power-law form. Thermal transport is analyzed for two types of non-isothermal boundary conditions, variable wall temperature (VWT) and variable surface heat flux (VHF) of the power-law form. The analysis accounts for both temperature dependent viscosity and temperature dependent thermal conductivity. The governing differential equations are transformed by introducing proper non-similarity variables and are solved numerically. The physical significance of the slip parameter, magnetic parameter, radiation parameter, viscosity-temperature parameter, thermal conductivity parameter and buoyancy force parameter on the flow and the thermal fields are shown through graphs and discussed in detail. The values of wall shear stress and the local Nusselt number are tabulated.