Author = Amirteimoori, AR.
An Inverse Two-Stage FDH Model in the Presence of Shared Resources

Volume 15, Issue 2, July 2023, Pages 175-188


F. Asadi; S. Kordrostami; AR. Amirteimoori; M. Bazrafshan

Developing an Efficiency Based Target Setting Model for K-Stage Serial tructures

Volume 12, Issue 4, August 2020, Pages 315-325

M. Homayounfar; AR. Amirteimoori; M. Goudarzvand- Chegini

Stochastic Two-stage Network-structures Under P-models: A DEA Based Approach

Volume 12, Issue 3, May 2020, Pages 245-261

S. Mehdizadeh; A. R. Amirteimoori; M. H. Behzadi; S. Kordrostami

Performance Measurement ‎T‎echniques In the Presence of Undesirable Products

Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 81-88

S. Masrouri; AR. Amirteimoori; S. Kordrostami

Estimating ‎C‎apacity Utilization in Two-Stage Production Systems: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach

Volume 11, Issue 4, December 2019, Pages 263-274

L. Zeinalzadeh; R. Kazemi Matin; AR. Amirteimoori

Weak Disposability in Integer-Valued Data Envelopment Analysis

Volume 10, Issue 4, November 2018, Pages 385-395

A. R. Amirteimoori; M. Maghbouli