Author = Hosseinzadeh Lotfi, F.
An ‎A‎lgorithm for Weak Defining Hyperplanes of the PPS in Data Envelopment ‎Analysis

Volume 15, Issue 2, July 2023, Pages 189-197


A. A. Bani; M. Rostamy-Malkhalifeh; F. Hosseinzade Lotfi

Benchmarking Automotive After-sales Service Companies with Dependent Criteria-Application of Data Envelopment ‎Analysis

Volume 14, Issue 4, September 2022, Pages 401-413


S. kheyri; F. Hosseinzadeh Lotfi; S. E. Najafi; B. Rahmani Parchikolaei

A Fuzzy DEA Approach for Project Selection ‎U‎tilizing Analyze Desirable and Undesirable ‎Risk

Volume 14, Issue 2, April 2022, Pages 239-258


SH. Sadeghiyan; F. Hosseinzade Lotfi; B. Daneshian; N. Azarmir shotorbani

Congestion-Based Benchmarking and Accessing Sustainability in Network DEA, Case study: Nine Iranian ‎T‎omato Paste Supply Chains‎

Volume 14, Issue 1, January 2022, Pages 15-28


E. Mollaeian; Farhad Hosseinzade Lotfi; A. Toloie-Eshlaghy; M. Rostamy Malkhalifeh; M. A. Afshar Kazemi

Uncertain BCC Data Envelopment Analysis Model with Belief Degree: A case study in Iranian Banks

Volume 13, Issue 3, July 2021, Pages 239-249

M. Jamshidi; M. Sanei; A. Mahmoodirad; G. Tohidi; F. Hosseinzade Lotfi

Benchmark Forecasting in Data Envelopment Analysis for Decision Making Units

Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2021, Pages 29-42

M. Shafiee; F. Hosseinzade Lotfi; H. Saleh

Cross-inefficiency with the Variable Returns to Scale in ‎DEA

Volume 12, Issue 4, August 2020, Pages 345-355

B. Asadi; H. Nasseri; Farhad Hosseinzade Lotfi